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This post is about sharing some of the awesome things I saw that captured my eyes and my camera lens. Just eye porn and Soul food. The people I met in China. Its seems some people were very intrigued to see a dark skin African girl. Those that could collect enough guts would ask to take pictures with me. lets just say Chinese Loves the camera.  

6 things you should know  before travelling to China The Great Firewall of China : Imagine my Surprise when I arrived in Beijing China. I had no access to my Gmail where all my information on bookings were. ( Yes i know- I should have picked it up on my pre- research huh? but I didn’t. ) China certainly like big walls. In China there is a huge firewall on normal access to internet as the world know it.  Google and all social media is banned in China ( including Facebook, Twitter you tube, Instagram, etc.)  I mean who does that? Ok, in a way somehow

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So I landed in Beijing China with no clear itinerary. The initial idea was to travel to Guangzhou for business. You know a girl like me cannot waste an international flight and a Visa for a few days of business, right? I had not planned on Travelling China so I became open Minded. I ended up going to 4 cities in china; Beijing, Shanghai, Xian and Guangzhou. I had never even heard of Xian before, but it came highly recommended for tourists (Even Though I do not consider myself a tourist; rather a traveler / an explorer). After spending 3 weeks in China, one post is not

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